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Cylinder Services
We provide U.S.D.O.T approved hydrostatic testing (cylinder re-qualification) on high and low pressure cylinders. Our vast knowledge and experience offer exceptional service and turn around time to suit your needs. Cylinder maintenance and services include, but are not limited to:

  • External shot blasting
  • Gas service changes
  • Siphon tube replacement and installation
  • Valve replacement
  • Cylinder Cradle Repair/Manifold Repair
  • Painting

Requalification is required through the Department of Transportation. Re-qualifying cylinders includes, an external and internal inspection, hydrostatic volumetric expansion test of cylinders, shot blasting, and a fresh coat of paint. We requalify all common compressed gases such as: oxygen, nitrogen, argon, mix (argon/carbon dioxide mixtures), hydrogen, helium, and many more. We also hydro-test SCUBA tanks, SCBA tanks, fire extinguishers, and Co2 tanks.

All services are compliant to the industry standard, and are done in a way to exceed our customers’ expectations. Offering these services in a quality and timely manner to insure your cylinders are safe for continued use.

Shot Blasting

We shotblast all cylinders to remove exterior paint and rust. This allows us to safely inspect the exterior of the cylinder to insure it's safe for the customer. Blasting also provides us with a suitable surface to apply an exterior coat of paint.

Test and Drying

After a hydrostatic test, each cylinder is dried using an inverter air dryer. This process cleans any contaminants out of the cylinder while completely evaporating any water retained during the hydro-test. This also allows us to do an internal inspection during the process of requalification.

Exterior Painting

After shotblasting and revalving each cylinder, they receive 2 coats of paint to withstand rust, corrosion, and to properly identify what gas is intended for its use.


Propane Recertification

Propane tanks need recertified 10 years after the manufacturer date and every 5 years after the previous inspection. We inspect tanks for corrosion, dents, and/or other damages to ensure your cylinder is safe for use. Other services include valve replacement and painting.


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