Cylinder Gas Exchange/Purchase

Bring in your empty cylinder and we will exchange it for a full one. We pressure test all our cylinders before they leave our facility to ensure that you are getting a full and functional cylinder.

If you would like to purchase a cylinder from us, we stock a variety of sizes to meet your needs. If you purchase the rights to a cylinder from us we will cover all cost at a later date for a re-qualification, paint job, and/or any valve replacement. Also, if you want to decrease or increase the size of your tank we refund the total amount that you originally paid for the tank!

*Cylinder refund and/or repairs subject to our discretion

Please see Cylinder Size Charts below for more information.

Industrial Gases

*List is not meant to be inclusive
(We do stock, or can order other specialty gases upon request)

Helium Rental

We offer helium rental for any special event. Helium rentals come in 4 different options and all options include an inflator. Helium rentals are based on price per tank and a $0.33 daily fee. If you do not have an account with us, we have a $25.00 deposit included in the cost that will be refunded when the tank and inflator are returned.
Cylinder Size # of 9″ Balloons
20 cubic feet 40
80 cubic feet 150
Partial (285 cubic feet) 500
285 cubic feet 1000



We fill your gas grill propanes(20LB)! We also fill 11LB, 30LB, 33.5LB (Tow Motor), 40LB, 60LB, 100LB tanks, and RV’s. It is important to note that we FILL your propanes rather than exchange them. This ensures that you are getting the best value for your money.

Recondition Propanes

We sell reconditioned propane’s on site in a variety of sizes. Sizes include 20LB (Gas Grill), 30LB, 40LB, 60LB and 100LB. All reconditioned propane’s have an up to date recertification, a required OPD valve, and a fresh paint job. We also dispose of your old propane tanks for a minimal fee.

Propane Recertification

Propane tanks need recertified 10 years after the manufacturer date and every 5 years after the previous inspection. We inspect tanks for corrosion, dents, and/or other damages to ensure your cylinder is safe for use. Other services include valve replacement and painting.


We offer a variety of welding equipment to suit your needs.

  • Cutting Wheels & Abrasives
  • Auto Darkening Hoods
  • Welding Gloves
  • 2LB, 11Lb, 33LB Wire Spool Flux & Non-Flux
  • 5LB Stick Electrodes
  • Brazing and Tig Rod
  • Spare Consumables for All Processes
  • Soapstone & Paint Markers
  • Anti-Spatter & Nozzle Dip
  • Regulators & Gauges
  • Welding Cable
  • Strikers & Flints
  • Mag Switches
  • Kromer Caps
  • Welding Jackets & Sleeves
  • Tip Cleaners
  • Variety of Clamps, Pliers, Wire Brushes, Chipping Hammers, Etc
  • Safety glasses
  • Extension Cords & Receptacles
  • Lenses & Magnifiers
  • Electrode Holders & Work Clamps
  • Grinders & Accessories

*List is not meant to be inclusive

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